4 Must-See Spots in Pampanga, Philippines

There’s always excitement and thrills when it comes to traveling. Regardless of the time and season, traveling is wonderful in different ways. For instance, it gives you a brand-new perspective on life through what you’ve experienced while traveling. However, choosing your next travel destination can sometimes be a big challenge, especially if you know nothing about the area.

While it may be true that wandering around the place can be an amazing adventure, knowing where to go is advisable so you’re sure to have a better, more enjoyable Philippine travel getaway. When planning to visit Pampanga, for example, knowing what to do there before you start exploring is one way you can enjoy your trip.

Known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”, Pampanga has what it takes to be a fun province to call your own home. So, aside from the yummy food choices, here are some of the places and activities you can expect while traveling there.

The Sandbox

One way to enjoy quality time with the family is to have a unique getaway that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. The Sandbox is a popular destination in Pampanga that features exciting attractions that will surely make every family member appreciate the outdoor activities, regardless of age.

To that end, Sandbox offers a wide array of attractions where adventure enthusiasts can experience a whole new level of outdoor activities. What makes it more fun and exciting is its naturally challenging terrain, which adds a challenge to trekking, climbing or driving.


Miyamit Falls


Miyamit Falls
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If you’re looking for an adventure like trekking, then Porak Peak offers a picturesque view of Miyamit Falls! As you go on to your destination, you’ll experience all the hurdles of trekking. However, despite the inconveniences along the way, you’ll be amazed and mesmerized by the beauty it has to offer.

Miyamit Falls has strong and powerful currents that fill a basin of clear, cool water. The falls is also an ideal place for you to swim in.


Deca Wakeboard Park

If extreme sports are what you’re looking for, then you should go ahead and visit Deca Wakeboard Park. It’s a place where extreme sports and fitness enthusiasts and swashbuckling wakeboard experts meet! It has an enormous pool with ramps and cable wires that lets you enjoy sports even more.

Wakeboarding is all about balance and on how you face your fears. If this is your first time to try wakeboarding, fret not! There are instructors that will give you some lessons before you go on your first ride.


Dinosaur Island

If you’re curious enough to know what it’s like to experience the era where dinosaurs lived, then don’t miss out on Dinosaur Island. With the number and size of the dinosaurs in place, you’ll feel like you’re entering a different world that existed a long time ago. Kids will surely love to go here.

So, there you have it – just some of the Philippine tourist attractions you can see in Pampanga. Remember, exploring Pampanga will give you the opportunity to know more about its culture, history and its people.