4 Must-Visit Spots in Surigao del Sur

Surigao del Sur is one of the provinces in the Philippines that’s famous for its mysterious yet amazing tourist destinations. It belongs to the CARAGA Region in Mindanao, with Tandang City as its capital city.

You may have already heard some of the greatest Philippine tourist attractions you can visit in Surigao. However, seeing them instead of just hearing about them would truly be a great experience. Indeed, Surigao del Sur is blessed with some of the best tourist attractions, from a magical river to breath-taking waterfalls.

Facing the Pacific Ocean, its stunning islands are inviting for some island-hopping activities, but there’s more than that. If you’re interested to know what are some of the most famous tourist spots in Surigao del Sur, then read below and read carefully:


The Enchanted River

enchanted river - Philippine tourist attraction

The Enchanted River is one of the most visited tourist spots located in Surigao del Sur. It’s considered to be one of the most mysterious rivers in the Philippines. Locals believe that mythical creatures like fairies, pixies and even mermaids dwell in these clear blue waters.


Just recently, the local government decided that it should be a protected zone, so people are no longer allowed to swim there. If you were planning to swim here, you’d better scrap that idea now. It’s a small comfort, but at least you can still view the majestic river.


Tinuy-An Falls

Tinuy-an Falls Philippine Tourist Attraction


Tinuy-an Falls is another must-visit tourist destination in the said province. It’s dubbed as the most beautiful multi-tier waterfall in the Philippines. The curtain-like cascades of water are really camera-worthy. Of its three levels, the second one is said to be the tallest and the widest, so it’s a favorite spot for most visitors.

One can get closer to the cascading waters through a bamboo raft. In addition, during a specified time, the area shows a rainbow.



Cagwait Beach

Cagwait Beach, which the name was derived from the local term “mura ug wait”, is a beautiful beach in the province. It’s a long, C-shaped stretch of fine sand, and while the sands here may not be so white as you expect them to be, they’re very powdery and soothing to the feet. The beach is made more decorative by the array of green trees and coconut trees.

It’s also known as the “Little Boracay of CARAGA” by many travelers who have visited this place, and once likened to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, USA by the famous pilot Charles Lindberg.


The Britania Group of Islands

The Britania Group of Islands comprises of 24 beautiful islands which is one of the most popular tourist spots found in Surigao del Sur when it comes to island hopping activities. These islands are all famous for having crystal clear waters and powdery white sand beaches.

Among the 24 islands, the most popular ones would have to be Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, Boslon Island and Hiyor Island.

So here you have just some of the spots you can visit in this wonderful Philippine travel destination. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to see, but we’ll leave the discovery of other places in Surigao del Sur to you.