Philippine Tourist Attraction – Palawan’s Hidden Paradise

If you think that Palawan is famous only for the Subterranean River National Park, Tubbataha Reef and the wonderful islands of Coron, Calamian, Pamalican and so on, then you’re missing out on a lot more wondrous destinations. Try exploring the southern region of the province and there you’ll step foot on the broad, flat island of Bugsuk. This second class municipality of Balabac is nestled at the southernmost tip of Palawan.

Philippine Tourist Attractions
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The municipality alone has 32 islands, and the largest is Balabac. Without any electricity and decent accommodations, Bugsuk is simply laid back with the longest stretch of the finest white sand beach – perfect for a weekend getaway. It’s not surprising that countless adventure lovers flock to these terrific Philippine tourist attractions.

Barangay Punta Sebaring – Bugsuk’s Secret Jewel

For those interested to travel, know that Barangay Punta Sebaring in Bugsuk is largely owned by private individuals and there’s one operating a pearl farm. The country’s most expensive and rarest pearls are harvested in this island, therefore, coordinating with the management as well as the local officials prior to travel is a must.

Camping on designated areas only is allowed in the island of course, with approval of the owners. Since there are no amenities of any kind available here, so, you must bring your own provisions and basic necessities.

If you intend to stay for a day or two, bring along some cooking utensils, or else, choose ready to eat food for your convenience. For an overnight camping, never forget to bring insect repellent for protection against insect bites.

Additionally, don’t forget to carry along your flashlights, matches, anything to use for lighting purposes in the pitch darkness of night. Likewise, there is no reliable cellphone and internet signal, nor plush eateries, just sheer nature at its best. Obviously, this is your paradise perfect for your great escape.

Longest Stretch of Fine Sands

As you explore Bugsuk, you’ll be enthralled by the ripples of endless white sand, mangroves, pine trees, as well as a peaceful community thriving largely on sea for their sustenance.  The vast sandbar at Punta Sebaring looks like a seamless barren land surrounded only by calm, crystal clear waters with no life existing on it. You can clearly see the healthy corals underneath. Totally bare yet its beauty and simplicity is simply mystifying. Take note, cover yourself from the scorching heat of the sun.

The long stretch of fine white sands, said to be the longest in the country, can be compared to the quality of that in Quinale Beach of Bohol, and said to be finer than that in Boracay. Whatever you see in Punta is practically what you’ll see in the entire Bugsuk Island.

How to Get To Bugsuk Island

Take the bus or van bound for Rio Tuba from the San Jose Terminal in Puerto Princesa. You have a choice of non-aircon bus or the aircon shuttle or aircon bus. It takes around six to seven hours to reach the place. Once in Rio Tuba Port, take the public boat for mainland Balabac which is around four hours away.

PAL, Cebu Pacific Air And Zest Air have flights from Manila to Puerto Princesa; from Cebu, Iloilo and Davao via Cebu Pacific, and from Busuanga via PAL. If you prefer the ferry, 2Go Travel services is serving Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron.

If you want more of blinding white sands and fun, head on to Samal Island in Davao. This time, the popular attractions among tourists include the best restaurants in Davao City.