3 Tempting Spots to Visit in Surigao

There are a lot of tourist destinations to choose from when planning a vacation in the Philippines. With a lot of destinations, Surigao may not be your first option. However, both Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte hosts some incredible and majestic tourist attractions. If you’re a beach worshiper, you’ll definitely love this place for its enchanting and pristine beaches.

Philippine Tourist Attractions is here to give you a short tour of Surigao! Here are some of the tempting reasons as to why you should go visit:


Surigao del Sur has a tropical paradise somewhere in San Agustin in which its nearly as white as Boracay Island. You didn’t know this, do you? However, rather than being a single stretch beach, you’ll see 24 awesome islands called the Britania Group of Islands. They are widely spread across the pristine crystal-clear waters of Lianga Bay in which you can have a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

The island hopping tour in the area covers only four islands. Among the most visited is Hagonoy, a pear-shaped island that has cottages and restrooms, plus a hammock, volleyball courts and a cluster of coconut trees. Naked Island, in comparison, is a bare stretch of sand with minimal rocks in sight but no boulders or trees. Another favorite is Boslon, especially if you’re planning to set up camp as it’s the largest island among the bunch.


Hinatuan may be a dreary town but it became a top tourist destination in the recent years, thanks to the discovery of the Enchanted River. How enchanting is this river? Here are some reasons as to why:

  • The waters are so clear that the riverbed can be seen at any depth
  • The waters can be seen in different shades: aquamarine in the shallow areas, blue on the slightly deeper parts and dark blue on the deepest areas.
  • A school of fish surface between 12 noon and 3 P.M for them to be fed. However, for most of the day there are out of your sight.

Outside of the designated feeding times, you can take a dip in the river’s cool waters or join a cruise. However, swimming beyond 5 P.M. is not permitted due to safety risks. Locals also believe that supernatural beings are believed to be seen bathing in the river. In addition, it’s also believed that these entities are the ones who keep the waters mysteriously pristine.

Photo Credit: pixabay.com


Do you want to see the Philippines little version of the Niagara Falls? Then visit Bislig in Surigao del Sur and head straight for Tinuy-an Falls. The strong torrents of this 55 meter high beauty generate white curtains of water similar to the Niagara Falls. In addition, the walls stretch across 95 meters, making Tinuy-an one of the Philippine’s widest waterfalls.

The three tiers of Tinuy-An are fascinating, however the second tier stands out as being the tallest torrent and the largest pool. You can hop on a bamboo raft to get a glimpse of it up close and if you don’t mind getting drenched, you can pass right through under the gushing waters.

Here are just three reasons as to why visit Surigao. They have some of the most beautiful tourist places that the Philippines boast of.