Philippine Tourist Attractions – Enjoying The Best of Bohol

It’s without a doubt that the Philippines has so much appeal to holiday makers from anywhere around the world. It’s because the country boasts of top-rated exhilarating destinations that include natural and man-made charms that are certified crowd drawers!

Records show that a large number of tourists from near and far visit the country annually and all because of its wide plethora of Philippine tourist attractions. Comprising of no more than seven thousand fantastic islands and islets, it’s no wonder that travelers are now flocking on this side of the globe.

Three main islands that make up the archipelago – each have their respective remarkable wonders. From the tip of Batanes down to Jolo, holiday makers will never be left wanting of fun, sun, sand, sea, food and more.  Here, we’ll take a look at the best the island of Bohol in Visayas, has to offer.

Frolic in the Alluring Sandbar

 Alluring Sandbar - philippine tourist attractions
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Haven’t heard yet of the hidden oasis of Bohol? Uncover the beauty of Virgin Island in Panglao, the perfect place for soul-searching. Or, if you want some quality time with a loved one, head on to this secluded romantic getaway.

An amazing powdery white sandbar during the low tides, this island is truly a nature lover’s delight to do some awesome beach photography. Teeming with a vibrant and colorful marine life, Virgin Island is also great for dolphin-watching (if you get lucky) and one of the splendid places as well, for island-hopping.

Sail Along Loboc River

Loboc River fishing - philippines tourist attractions
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Haven’t been on a marvelous river cruise? Loboc River, one of Bohol’s well-loved attractions, offers a great cruise along the scenic long and winding river. The waters run inland through Loboc and nearby towns, leading towards the sea at the southernmost part of Bohol.

What’s so memorable about this one-hour river journey is that, tourists are treated to sumptuous lunch buffet meals where a wide assortment of tropical drinks that include fresh coconuts, are also offered. What’s more, guests are entertained by serenaders on board while having lunch. Truly, a relaxing, sumptuous delight with a bonus of watching iconic spots along the waters.

Immerse in Nature at Bohol Habitat Conservation Center

Tarsier - Philippine Tourist Attraction
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Looking to immerse yourself in the utter beauty of nature? Head on to Bohol Habitat Conservation Center in Bilar town. Kids and adults like will surely be enchanted with the captivating magnificence of thousands of colorful butterflies.

Thanks to the efforts of locals, countless varieties of butterflies now thrive freely in the breeding area enclosed in a splendid garden setting. Here, guests learn something about wildlife and environmental preservation, the town’s humble contribution to the preservation of Mother Earth.

Sun, Sea And Sand at Alona Beach

Water lovers can never get enough of fun and water adventure in this stunning beach also in Panglao, with fine powdery sands. Get a fantastic view of the underwater with lively corals when you go scuba diving and snorkeling, just about a hundred meters off the beach. The place is best toured on foot and make sure to be on time to watch the glorious sunset. Just don’t forget to bring anything to shield you from the scorching rays of the sun.

Explore all the impressive Philippine beach holidays you can find in different towns of Bohol. And you yourself can attest to the fact that it’s more fun in the Philippines.