Philippine Travel – 4 Amazing Spots and Must-Tries in Davao City

If you’re looking for one unforgettable vacation experience, look no further – Davao City is the ideal place for you! It’s home to a myriad of picturesque landscapes, a wide array of natural attractions and a host of activities that will cater to just about any travel agenda.

With so much to offer, it comes as to no surprise that Davao City is one of those Philippine travel destinations that millions of tourists and locals alike flock to. Whether you’re a sucker for adventure, a foodie, or an animal-lover, there’s sure to be something for you in Davao City.

That said, we’re here to provide you with a list of the attractions you can visit in Davao. It may take a couple of days to visit all of them, so we’ll only show some of the must-visits.

The Museums in Davao City

You can never leave Davao without paying a visit to two of its most beloved museums – the Davao Museum and Museo Dabawenyo. Not only do these two museums highlight the city’s rich history and different tribes, but they house a myriad of interesting displays. These include instruments, art, and handicrafts.


The Durian


Another thing to take in mind when you’re visiting Davao is that you must try out durian at least once. Davao is known to be the top producer of durians in the Philippines – contributing around 80% of the total harvest. You can find the cheapest durian in the market, so you’d better take advantage of that.

Furthermore, there are sweets and desserts made with durian that you can sample, ranging from candies, to pastels, cake, and even ice cream.

Visiting the Different Parks in the City

Located in Davao’s core, People’s Park has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Davao today. It’s essentially a theme park that spans a total land mass of 4 hectares, and features life-sized structures of the Philippine eagle and the Lumads in Davao City.

If you prefer something more peaceful and quieter, you can visit the Eden Eco Park. At this mountain resort, you will find respire from the heat (and bustle of the city), beneath a vast canopy made of over 100,000 pine trees. Rest, relax and recharge in lush greenery, as you take your pick from a wide array of leisure, nature or romantic experience packages.

Try Out Extreme Sports

Philippine Tourist Attractions - DECA Wakeboard Park Davao City

If you’re into adventure and into extreme sports, then try visiting Outland Adventure Camp in Davao. This top tourist destination is known all over the Philippines for its high-class zipline. This camp not only has the best zipline, but it also has the fastest and the longest one in the entire Asian region.

If you’re not on board with all of this, there’s also wake boarding activities available at Deca Wave Park and water rafting activities as well. After all, Davao River is among the largest in the Philippines, set to give you an adventure that you will never forget.

So, there you have it. These are just some of the Philippine tourist attractions you can visit when you’re in Davao City. Just remember to plan your trip thoroughly for you to avoid any problems along the way.