What To Do in Compostela Valley

Compostela Valley is a place that’s abundant in nature’s magnificent work of art. It’s brimming with natural attractions found all over the province. The province is also proud of the people who live in it and their cultural heritage, a varied blend of ethnicity and dominance.

Thus, being in Compostela Valley is to experience the mix of sight and sound that defines a place and the people, pulsing with life and yet is reserved in spirit. The locals want you to explore the province and revel on nature’s finest. That’s definitely a very enjoyable Philippine vacation experience.

However, since the locals value the beauty in Compostela Valley, you need to make sure you don’t destroy the beauty of nature while enjoying it. After all, once it’s destroyed, no one would want to go back there anymore and the province’s tourism will suffer greatly.

If you’re in Compostela Valley, here are some of the things you may want to do.

Go See a Giant Flower

Giant Flower in Compostela Valley
Image from: pixabay.com

If you want to see the largest flower in the entire world, you’re fortunate enough to be in Compostela Valley. Why is that? The world’s largest flower, the rafflesia mira, is located in the region. The province has about 10 species of the said parasitic flower and specimens can be seen all over.

The rafflesia mira is considered a wonder of nature and is popular (or infamous) for its bad odor despite its alluring appearance. A great place to see one of these plants is near Mt. Candalaga.

Go on a Waterfall Adventure

Waterfall Adventure in Compostela Valley
Image from: pixabay.com

If you’re completely unaware of this fact, Mindanao is a place that’s blessed with a lot of waterfalls, and some of the region’s best is located right here at this province. One of these is the Tagbibinta Falls located in Maragusan.

Tagbibinta Falls is 700 feet high with seven cascading falls. The trek to the top is just like taking a walk in the park. However, safety precautions should still be taken and you should have the right equipment with you when getting there. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see a picturesque view of the region. Definitely a must-see place for anyone who loves waterfalls.

Take a Relaxing Dip in a Hot Spring

Hot Spring in Compostela Valley
Image from: pixabay.com

If your main objective for your visit to Compostela Valley is to relax and take a break away from the busy life, maybe taking a dip in one of the hot springs of the province would be an enjoyable experience. The hot springs here are said to have healing properties due to the natural waters containing special minerals.

The Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring situated in Maco, Compostela Valley is no exception to this rule. Bathing under its cascading waters is a must-try indeed.
The choices of Philippine attractions in Compostela Valley are almost limitless. The locals believe that they have something that will cater to the enthusiasm of everyone that visit the place, all are waiting for the adventurous spirit dwelling inside of you. They consider their province an eco-adventure tourist destination. Once you get a taste of ComVal, so will you.