The Underground River, A Must-See Subterranean Marvel in Palawan


Be Astonished by Palawan’s Underground River


Palawan is slowly becoming a suitable place to visit when having a holiday vacation. Because of the place’s continuous progress, the number of tourists is truly skyrocketing. But one highlight which has always made Palawan citizens proud is the well-known Underground River. Also known as Palawan’s subterranean river, it is absolutely a must-see place when visiting the province. For the record, this river is named as the most navigable subterranean river in the whole world.

There isn’t much record regarding the river’s early history and not so many documents were found when pertaining to its discovery. Nevertheless, the early inhabitants of the island were believed to be the first individuals to discover it. But they never knew the details due to their fear that there were hostile spirits exploring the caves.

If there was one person who vaguely discovered the cave, it was Dean C. Worcester. Worcester was an assistant professor in Zoology at the University of Michigan. Later on the first ten years of the American colonization, he became the Secretary of Interior. According to Worcester, he heard some stories that there’s an opening in the subterranean river that leads all the way to the sea.

There are so many things to mention as to why Palawan’s Underground River is famously known as a tourist spot. To start, you can see the amazing and distinct collection of plants and animals. The park itself even has its own monkey trail.

Tourists who want to hike can take the various trail systems which will lead them to different kinds of forests. While trailing, you’ll be confounded once you see those numerous creatures including monkeys and the monitor lizards.

Here are some enjoyable things you can do while you’re in the Underground River National Park:

  1. Jungle Trekking – This activity is apt for outdoor lovers who want to go on an adventure. Jungle trekking also gives you the great opportunity to witness wildlife.
  2. Wildlife Watching – As many as 165 bird species can be seen in this place. Out of the 165, 15 of them are endemic species of Palawan.
  3. White Sand Beaches – It won’t be a vacation if you haven’t bathed in the white sand beaches. The crystal waters make it suitable to go swimming. Since there are many beaches, the ones suggested to visit are the Marte Fe beach, Sabang beach and the Panaguman beach.
  4. Ethnographic Museum – In Palawan, two indigenous cultural groups are the Tagbanua and Batak. If you want to know more about them, feel free to visit the museum.

Reaching Palawan can be attained in several ways. Most airlines in the Philippines have a direct flight to Palawan when you’re in Manila. It is highly recommended though to book for Puerto Princesa Underground River on the internet.

Once you arrive at the Puerto Princesa Airport, you can ride a tricycle to go to Underground River Booking Office.

When you’re in your hotel, you can easily ride a tricycle to go to the New Market terminal. Once you’re there, you can ride a jeepney and go to Sabang. Afterward, go to the tourism office to arrange a boat ride to Puerto Princesa Underground River cave entrance. This is where you start your adventure of a lifetime.